Welcome to Directorate of Plant Protection, Agriculture Extension Balochistan.

In PSDP 2017-18,Rupees 3.510 million have been allocated for strengthening of Pesticide quality control laboratory Quetta............Agriculture exhibition held in Sibi Balochistan in March 2017....... Codling moth biological control Research by CABI Pakistan being done in Quetta,Balochistan.

Establishing of “Plant Health Clinic” Plant Doctor Program

This technology has already been started to test in four districts (Quetta, Pishin, Mastung and Lasbella)in the province at pilot scale with the financial and technical support of international partner CABI CWA. The program is very much helpful for the farmers and extension department.

In 4districts 5 clinics will be running in 4 districts) operated by 40 trained plant doctors on week basis are serving the small holders and addressing the issues related to insect pests attacks, production technology and supply of agriculture inputs. Plant doctors not only identify the major crop health issues but also recommend the farmers the most convenient, economically feasible methods to combat with these issues in field.

The recommendations given by the plant doctors included the cultural, biological and chemical combination depending upon the pest attack and crop stage. It can be argued that plant clinics established by extension workers at pilot scale are the unique source of information and advisory services for the small land holders of the area and an excellent way of communication between the farmers and extension department.

Similarly the data collected at plant clinics could be a rich source of information for usage at local level for management purpose and decision & policy making at higher level.

Project Benefits

• Network of 20 plant clinics established ready to help the farmers whenever they need in each month.

• Enhanced pest recognition and crop management skills of extension workers

• Validated data of plant clinics available for policy and decision making

• Crops saved from new pest outbreaks due to timely forecasting by analysis of plant clinic data

• Improved overall quality and yield, contributing to increased income and living standards

• Increased capacity to compete with national or international production standards

• Large-scale, sustainable reductions in inappropriate use of agro-chemicals

• Strengthened relationships between the farmers and the extension service

• A minimum of 200 farmers will be benefitted from plant clinics during scale-up phase

• Strengthening of linkages between Extension and the Agriculture research institutes and indicating of research-able areas.

Activities of Plant Protection Balochistan

Directorate of Plant Protection Quetta

The Directorate is to plan, carryout, monitor, facilitate and regulate all kind of Plant Protection activities in the province through its subordinate/ attached staff.

“The main objective of DPP Quetta is "Regulation enforcement/quality" ; "Non chemical control of pests" ; "Chemical control"; Extending of “Plant Health Clinic” program in collaboration with CABI in whole of Balochistan” etc.