Welcome to Directorate of Plant Protection, Agriculture Extension Balochistan.

In PSDP 2017-18,Rupees 3.510 million have been allocated for strengthening of Pesticide quality control laboratory Quetta............Agriculture exhibition held in Sibi Balochistan in March 2017....... Codling moth biological control Research by CABI Pakistan being done in Quetta,Balochistan.

Pesticide quality control and research laboratories:

Keeping in view the importance of pesticide quality and curbing the mal practices prevailing in pesticide business the Federal plant protection department did establish Pesticide Quality Control and Research Laboratory (PQRL) in 2005 and handed over the same to agriculture extension department in 2009, since its commissioning no pesticide sampling and its analysis work was conducted until December 2016.

As the Balochistan is larger province as for area is concerned to cope with the menace of adulteration of pesticide more PQRCL needs to be established one in Nasirabad and the second one in Lasbella district with necessary staff to help the farming community to curb the adulteration of pesticide on one hand while helping the farmers and business community on the other in analyzing any sample received from them for checking the active ingredients, Quality of pesticide and Minimum residue level (MRL) found in agriculture produce being marketed locally and export purposes being mandatory requirement by the importing countries.

Lab equipment list

Activities of Plant Protection Balochistan

Directorate of Plant Protection Quetta

The Directorate is to plan, carryout, monitor, facilitate and regulate all kind of Plant Protection activities in the province through its subordinate/ attached staff.

“The main objective of DPP Quetta is "Regulation enforcement/quality" ; "Non chemical control of pests" ; "Chemical control"; Extending of “Plant Health Clinic” program in collaboration with CABI in whole of Balochistan” etc.