Welcome to Directorate of Plant Protection, Agriculture Extension Balochistan.

In PSDP 2017-18,Rupees 3.510 million have been allocated for strengthening of Pesticide quality control laboratory Quetta............Agriculture exhibition held in Sibi Balochistan in March 2017....... Codling moth biological control Research by CABI Pakistan being done in Quetta,Balochistan.

Welcome to Directorate Of Plant Protection Balochistan

Role played by the Directorate of Plant protection is of utmost importance in resolving the matters of pest control and ensuring quality produce and enhancing the production of agriculture commodities.
Modern plant protection deals with existing problems by integrating the contemporary knowledge, which includes preventive, administrative, legislative, mechanical, chemical, biological and other means dealing with pests in order to minimize the loss to yields managing it at (ETL) economic threshold level, causing minimal damage to the environment.

Almost all plants are affected by pest and diseases that cause significant economic damage. Therefore, plant protection has equal significance in all areas of plant production, such as crops,storage, landscapes, urban spaces, industrial, sport objects, water flows, and channels, etc.

1. The Directorate is to plan, carryout, monitor, facilitate and regulate all kind of Plant Protection activities in the            province through its subordinate/ attached staff.

2. The Directorate has to evaluate quality of Agriculture pesticides, weedicide etc. being marketed in the province.

3. To test/evaluate the pesticide samples received from the inspectors for its quality analysis in laboratory established for        the purpose at Quetta.

4. To examine and regulate companies and agent involved in manufacturing and selling the pesticides in the province        through pesticide inspectors.

5. To process application submitted by the companies and dealers for their registration.

6. The Directorate has to be vigilant in plant diseases and pest prevalence in the province and any abnormal situation has        to be dealt with properly.

7. To devise and advise the plant protection strategy for the province.

8. The Directorate has to functionalize and up keep the District Plant Protection offices.

9. Strengthening and developing agriculture in Balochistan with special reference to Sanitary and phytosanitary measures        For the quantitative and qualitative improvement of agriculture produce and their export.

10. To advise the farmers in proper identification,diagnoses and precise control of pest using suitable chemical or                non-chemical remedial through field offices.

11. Enforcement of Pesticide Act II of 1971 rules 1973 in the province.

Objective of Directorate of Plant Protection, Agriculture Extension, Balochistan, Quetta

• Regulation enforcement/quality; to properly implement all of the prevailing laws, governing the manufacture importer, movement & quality use and handling of pesticides.

• Non chemical control of pests; with the basic mandate to promote all non-chemical methods of plant protection e.g. IPM, ICM etc. For the safe food availability to the consumers and complying of WTO safety standards (MRL) and (SPS) for exporter of agricultural commodities.

• Chemical control; dissemination of knowledge of correct use of proper pesticides at precise dosage and chemical safety precautionary campaigns among the field staff pesticide dealers and the growers.

• Capacity building; of District officers especially in areas like Pest scoutingitand monitoring of major pests attacking economically important crops and fruits in the province being prerequisite for IPM and proper pest control.

• To minimize use of chemical control by employing IPM and non poisonous means for availability of safe food to the consumers.

• To curb the mal practices and adulteration of pesticides prevailing in the market for the benefit of farming community.

• Schemes of IPM to be launched for better pest management and replacement of chemical control of pests in Balochistan.

• Extending of “Plant Health Clinic” program in collaboration with CABI in whole of Balochistan.

Activities of Plant Protection Balochistan

Directorate of Plant Protection Quetta

The Directorate is to plan, carryout, monitor, facilitate and regulate all kind of Plant Protection activities in the province through its subordinate/ attached staff.

“The main objective of DPP Quetta is "Regulation enforcement/quality" ; "Non chemical control of pests" ; "Chemical control"; Extending of “Plant Health Clinic” program in collaboration with CABI in whole of Balochistan” etc.